About the Site

Welcome to Tired Alien! This is my personal website where I store things that I create and things that I like. Content will include my digital art, glitch art, photography, electronic music, and maybe writing.

I used to have a website when I was 11 years old. It was called Dream Rift but was later renamed to Luminous Wings. Looking back on it, it was quite terrible, and I was very immature, but it was a start. I created Tired Alien because I wanted to try being a webmaster again. I'm very inspired by old, now-defunct Pokémon websites, such as Eonlight Valley, Stareon's Hideout, Piplup-Princess, etc.

Link Buttons

If you would like to link to this site, here is a button and a handy little code you can copy and paste onto your website! The image is hosted on an external image hosting site, so no need to worry about hotlinking. I plan on making more buttons soon, so check back later!