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What is the Distorted World?

The Distorted World is a dimension that mirrors our own, but warps it in strange ways. It is a dreamlike place that can only be entered at random. Once one lands in the Distorted World, it is very difficult to get out. When native DW denizens do get out into the Earth dimension, they are often the subjects of myth and legend due to their otherworldly nature.

Discovered Areas

Tireless Plains

This area is a vast expanse of flat land. Some sections are covered in short grass, other sections in tall grass, and still other sections are filled with nothing but dust. It seems to go on without end. A diverse selection of creatures and beings make their home here. There are buildings, but they are mostly fr apart from each other.


Monochrome Highlands

A rather bleak place, the Monochrome Highlands are mostly colored black and white with a few grays. It is bitterly cold, but no snow ever falls. The ground is so rocky that barely anything can grow there. The denizens of this area are usually monochrome as well, and they aren't much for conversation.


Toxic Swampland

The Toxic Swampland is the perfect place for criminals, vagabonds, and ne'er-do-wells to hide out in. Its landscape is obviously mostly marshy and boggy, with large amounts of a bright green and gooey substance. The colors of the swamps are nauseatingly bright, much like the swarms of colorful insects that plague the land. Most of the houses in the area are dilapidated if not totally destroyed.


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