Other Sites

This page is for my compilation of various websites that I find useful, helpful, or just plain fun. Some sites have audio that plays automatically when you enter them, or perhaps something else sudden or uncomfortable, but I have put appropriate warnings next to each link.

Useful Resources

Aspect Ratio Calculator - Useful for resizing things.

Border Radius - Copy and paste the border radius code for your CSS needs, because we're all lazy.

Copy Paste Character - A list of all text symbols.

EZGIF - Make animated GIFs from videos or your own files.

Similar Minds - Take personality tests. Note that I have not taken/checked out all of these tests, so many of them I have no knowledge of. Please also note that the Personality Disorder Test is not an accurate tool used for diagnosis; one is better off seeking professional help (or more reliable sources).

Waifu2x - Enlarge images (quite useful despite its questionable name...)

Helpful Resources

Soundrown - [audio] - Relaxing white noise generator.

The Dawn Room - [autoplay, fullscreen popup] - Receive encouragement and comfort.

The Thoughts Room - [autoplay] - Watch your negative thoughts fall away.

Just for Fun

100,000 Stars - [autoplay] - Explore the closest stars to the sun.

Crouton - Crouton!!!!!!!!

GifCities - An archive of old GeoCities GIFs.

Neonflames - Create a nebula.

Rafaƫl Rozendaal's Websites - [autoplay] [flashing images] - An interesting collection of flash websites.

Stay Happy - [audio] - Pop balloons.